An Ordinary World: Full of Unforeseen Circumstances with Christine & Rebecca - Coming 2024

Stories of inspiration that highlight how we are all connected in this world. We wanted to use this space and this podcast to discuss what inspires us. Christine’s story and all the people involved in saving one life is an example of the type of narratives that stop us in our tracks and make us want to know these people and their stories.

We want to provide a place for honest conversations about walking through this thing called life.

We are Christine and Rebecca, and our journey together started in a decommissioned army base in Lakeside, MT in 1994. We spent six months building a friendship that would last a lifetime. Originally from Montana and Pennsylvania, we dreamed of living in the same city at some point in our lives. As women in our early 20s, we thought that life would include being baristas in Seattle together. That dream of young women taking on the city never happened, but in 2011, we finally achieved living in the same city – Bellingham, WA.

Our joint love of the theatre and the arts has kept us connected throughout the years. We always knew we would work together on a creative project. We never imagined the project would be rooted in Christine’s cancer diagnosis and her connection with Be The Match. However, this is the path that brought us to this podcast—a space to share the stories of the lives touched by the Minneapolis, Minnesota-based donor program.

As empathic, curious individuals, we find inspiration in the stories of others. So, we welcome you to this podcast, and we hope you enjoy delving into the concept of inspiration and how people find a way to thrive and support others in this world.

“A selfless act from a stranger saved my life.”  –Christine Cricchio

Christine & Rebecca
Lakeside, MT (Spring 1994)
Christine & Rebecca
Montana State University
Bozeman, MT (Fall 1994)
Rebecca & Christine
Bellingham, WA (Fall 2023)

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