Recent publications

“Formation” in Gold Man Review (Issue 11)

“Root Beer Popsicles and the Sick Sofa” in Flash Nonfiction Food

“Submerged yet Unfragmented”published in Sparks of Calliope

Golden Field Guide” published in Thimble Magazine

“Be Wary of a Powerful Woman” published in Crab Fat Magazine

Song of Vegetables” published in Schuykill Valley Journal

“Echo of Myself” published in Two Cities Review

Whanaungatanga” published in SWIMM

“Eraser” published in Rag Queen Periodical

Quakertown Trolley, est. 1898” published in West Texas Review

Molasses” published in Poetry NZ

“Finding Ruth” published in Rag Queen Periodical, which can also be found in this collection.

“We are what we remember or want to remember, the rope that stretches across the abyss of all that we’ve forgotten” –Albert Wendt

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