Sometimes you have a story to tell, but you just don’t know where to start.

Sometimes you are in the middle of a project that you once loved, but it has lost that spark.

Sometimes you feel like you don’t have anyone to talk to about how your writing is an emotional journey, and you feel alone in the process.

This is where a writing coach can come in to help.

A writing coach is not an editor, instead, a writing coach helps you through the process.

While my focus is on supporting writers, I am open and willing to coach others as they work on projects and find creative expressions to bring them joy and satisfaction. So, even if you are not a writer, please feel free to reach out to see if we can work together.

“Even being a good writer, but definitely being a great writer, demands a great deal of understanding and knowledge of the world.” – Lisel Mueller

How It Works

I am an intuitive coach that can see the big picture and the small shifts necessary to move forward in your project.  I will push you to get in the right mindset for the project ahead of you and help you work through fears and/or places where you might be sabotaging your efforts.

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We will work together to dive deep into yourself as a writer, which will bring your work alive and h become more clear on your goals. My work as a coach is not to approach this as an editor but to support you as a person as you work through your writing process. We will spend some time behind the text and move into inner work around what makes you a better writer/creative. Writing and sitting in the space of creation is solitary and emotional, and my job as your coach is to provide a sounding board and a place to build a plan to help you reach your goal.


Initial meeting and session (45 minutes) – $60

If, after the initial meeting, you feel our energies work together and my coaching style will support you in your process, we can move into deep-level work:

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Options to select from:

Two 1-hour meetings  – $350

Three 1-hour meetings – $500

Four 1-hour meetings – $650

Five 1-hour meetings – $800

Interested in working with me? Sign up for an initial meeting:

Thoughts from people I have worked with:

“Rebecca is your go-to if you need a mentor who will help you become a more successful writer and professional. Whether it’s keeping the bigger picture in mind or paying close attention to smaller details, Rebecca can help you set and accomplish realistic goals to complete your next project. Her coaching helped me grow as a college student while obtaining my degree, preparing me for real-world experiences post-grad.”

“Personally, I found Rebecca to be one of the most engaging powerhouse of a professional with whom I have ever worked.”

“Rebecca has helped me throughout the years with writing projects. She has provided the steps to my creative ladder. Rebecca brings a wealth of knowledge and innovation to her approach in teaching and mentoring.”

“She has been an excellent ally, sounding board, and thoughtful critic. She sets a great example for all of us.”

“In addition to her very effective efficiency, she conducts herself with great thoughtfulness and tact in her approach; I could always count on her to help identify gaps and brainstorm new opportunities to round out my own work. “

“There are few individuals more genuine, focused, and advanced in their profession than Rebecca. Both analytic and creative, Rebecca’s talents shine in all she does.

She is a born leader who excels in all aspects of her work, particularly those surrounding literature and mentorship. Her knowledge spans beyond the intellect to a practical and well-versed understanding of life, others, and the vast and complex world in which we live.

The opportunity to learn from and/or work with Rebecca is a gift beyond measure. I can’t recommend her enough.”

“Her ability to motivate people and align them with their strengths is truly a breath of fresh air.”

“Rebecca is a superb communicator, gifted with the rare combination of patience, open-mindedness and active listening skills. In addition, what makes working with Rebecca so rewarding is her dedication to adding thoughtful value to everything she works on. She’s straightforward, humble, and seriously committed to becoming a better version of herself every day. “

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