Memoir Substantive Editing & Manuscript Development

Improve your memoir manuscript with substantive editing with an author, editor, and writing coach.

Manuscript substantive editing focuses on big-picture elements of the narrative. Helping you make sure your narrative is complete, and the structure of your story is ready to move to the next phase.

Need help shaping your story or bringing together the pieces of a memoir?

I am here to help with the entire development and organization of your book. I will provide a critique on structural elements like the story/narrative arc, pacing, theme, and organization.

This is a collaborative process where I will provide you with holistic feedback on your entire book.

Note: This is NOT line editing, copy editing, or proofreading. I will work with you to investigate the gaps in the narrative and help you make your manuscript more engaging for readers.

“Other than a few instances of luck, good work only comes through revision” –Mary Karr

How It Works

Once we agree to work together, I will set up a short zoom call where we will discuss your project and goals. At this point, we will set up a time frame for our next meeting(s).

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After reading your manuscript, we will meet on zoom, where we will discuss your manuscript in-depth. At the end of the meeting, I will email you my notes and your manuscript with marginal comments.

An optional follow-up meeting can be scheduled to answer any additional questions after you have had time to process my comments and feedback.


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Full manuscript (up to 50,000 words) – $1,500 – includes 1-hour Zoom meeting

Full manuscript with two full reviews (up to 50,000 words) – $2,500 – includes two 1-hour Zoom meetings, plus email support.

Full manuscript (up to 100,000 words) – $3,000- includes 1-hour Zoom meeting.

Full manuscript with two full reviews (up to 100,000 words) – $4,500 – includes two 1-hour Zoom meetings, plus email support.

Payment plans are available.

Other Services

In addition to Substantive Editing, I can assist you in creating progress calendars, writing schedules, and developmental deadlines to assist you in finishing your project on time.

Interested in working with me?

Reach out to rebeccabeardsall @ gmail . com or send me a message with the easy web form below. Please include all details as required on the form. Incomplete emails will be deleted.

Please provide details about yourself and the projects:

What services are you interested in?

“My memoir is so much better because of Rebecca’s expertise! After spending more than a year editing my book draft, I thought it was good, but I knew it could be better. Fortunately, Minerva Rising Press saw promise in the manuscript as well and assigned Rebecca the task of helping me refine it for publication. Her instincts about which scenes to lean into or back away from were invaluable. Through her suggestions, I was able to ensure that each scene was well-constructed and earned its place in the story. When my current writing project is fully drafted, I’ll call on Rebecca to help edit it, too.”

—Janice Airhart, Author of Mother of My Invention: A Motherless Daughter Memoir

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