Creative Nonfiction Workshop: Between Narrative and Form in Memoir


Date: Sunday, August 25
10 am PST/1 pm EST
Duration: 2 hours
Online: Zoom

Required Text and Reading for Workshop:
Deborah A. Miranda’s Bad Indians

In this workshop, we will examine how form plays a critical role in the creation and reading of Bad Indians by Deborah A. Miranda. We will explore the space between the structure that houses the text and the story contained within. How does Miranda use form to tell her story? Does the form add complexity to the narrative or simplify it to assist understanding? What role does form play in our own writing? When does form distract from the narrative, and where does it enhance it?

Our collective inquiry, based on these questions, will not only deepen your understanding of form and narrative but also equip you with the skills to apply this knowledge to your own writing. This workshop is about more than just theory – it’s about finding new ways to tell your story.

The generative portion of this course is where the real magic happens. We’ll experiment with the ways form can assist in the writing process and the ways that form can, in itself, become a narrative. Get ready to push the boundaries of your writing!

In order to attend and get the most out of this workshop, it is required that you read Deborah A. Miranda’s Bad Indians prior to the start of the workshop

Minimum of five students to run.

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